Richard Rice is an artist now living in San Antonio, TX


About Richard Rice


Richard Rice was born in Parkersburg, W.Va in July 1966 and later moved to Würzburg, Germany in 1980 from the age of 14 where he attended and graduated from Steinbachtal Schule. Richard began drawing cartoons at a very early age to escape his reality, which was verbal and physical abuse. Richard’s first experiences with painting was with the paint-by-number sets his mother would occasionally buy for him. Richard enjoyed painting, coloring with crayons and with colored pencils. Richard’s art teacher in elementary school told him that he was very talented, as by this point Richard was drawing portraits with pencil and some charcoal.

In 1986 Richard would stumble upon a magazine clipping with a painting from an artist named Patrick Nagel. Richard immediately fell in love with Patrick’s style of art, so he would begin studying the various Nagel Paintings and even began painting them. This would be Richard’s first experiences with acrylic paint and he has not painted with any other medium since. Richard’s style of painting would eventually go from the Nagel’s to experimenting with abstract art. He would study and practice various techniques and even began adding and mixing different mediums into the paint. Richard never attended any college or classes to learn how to paint; he just learned whatever he needed to on his own. Richard never showed any of his work anywhere or belonged to any art associations, or entered any art contests. Richard did however sell many of his paintings through the years as he did a lot of work on commission, even while serving in the US Army from 1990-1994. During this time he would also begin to learn graphic design and he would be able to get involved in designing and printing t-shirts. Richard would continue to learn more about graphic designing and he continued painting. Richard would go on to paint large format pieces with vibrant colors on gallery wrap canvas. Acrylic paints and gallery wrap canvas have been his tools of choice for some time.

In 2012 Richard walked away from art and painting completely; selling everything he owned that was painting related. Richard thought he was finished with art.

Little did Richard know that in January 2017 his life would change.


Richard became a christian in 2005 and has been serving in ministry for a few years now. He is founder/CEO of a men’s ministry: MAN ON PURPOSE and author of his first book entitled: The ABC’s of MAN ON PURPOSE published in 2016. But, everything changed during his yearly 21 day fast this January 2017. Through much prayer, Richard believes to have received revelation to paint again. This time, however it would be very different. A passion and a purpose like never before has been awaken. A technique that he never studied or was taught is now being used. The only influence Richard has is what God is doing through him during prayer and worship time. Richard puts paint to canvas not knowing in advance what the outcome will be, as he believes that the holy spirit that is within takes over to produce these pieces of art; that is what it is to worship God. 


The creativity and skill that God has placed in my heart and hands will guide me to create art that will help others transcend the ugliness and pollution of this world.

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