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Hello Everyone,


As an artist, I, of course just want to paint. I don't like to sell, or blog. I just want to paint. Yeah, I know. Carrie, my wife keeps telling me that is just not realistic. I have to do all those things as well. So, I need to try and blog on a somewhat consistent basis. I'm going to try and do it, even though I know no one reads them anyway. :)


First, to follow up from my last blog about the contest. I placed with 2 of my paintings. "Thy Will Be Done" received a Special Merit Award and "Praise" received a Special Recognition Award!! I was very excited. I had never entered any of my past art into any contest before.


I have been painting and painting since January 21, 2017 where I finished my first piece in 5 years. I wish I could explain how it all came about, but I really don't know. I had been in the yearly fast praying for direction for the New Year. I hadn't even thought about painting again. I believe on the last week of fasting, I just had this "urge" to paint. I was a little surprised, as I mentioned I never even thought about painting again since I gave it up 5 years ago. I told Carrie about it and she said then I should. I placed a paint order, went downtown and picked up a canvas, and after it all arrived, I painted! It was strange, at first. The first piece I did was "Beyond Me". I believe it to mean that it's beyond me as to why I'm painting again. That was until I painted my next piece, "Well With My Soul". I instantaneously fell in love with painting again. The inspiration for this piece was a Christian song that played during my worship time; "It Is Well" by Bethel Music, and what came as a result of that was something beautiful! I had my answer! I knew what I needed to do moving forward. 



Every canvas is prayed over. Every piece of art is painted listening to worship music. Every painting, when completed is prayed over again. The next morning, Carrie sees the painting and pretty much immediately gets a word, and she names it and gives it a bible verse. Funny thing is that when I see what she has named it, my spirit is in total agreement. My art is not just a "pretty" painting to look at. It has a purpose. It catches hold of the viewer, drawing them into the "message" and speaking to them. The viewer may not even know what is moving them or why they are moved. I believe that my art is anointed to connect with the spirit of the right person for each particular piece. I paint to praise and give thanks to my creator!

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