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I am so very excited to be painting again after so many years of not painting. I have to tell you though, that it's not the same. What I mean is the paintings have much more meaning than before. During this years 21 Days of Fasting and Prayer, God revealed to me that 1. I should paint again, and 2. it is to worship Him and Him only. If you see my art from years ago compared to now, you'll definitely see a substantial difference. God, through His Holy Spirit has given me a technique that takes some years to learn. Every canvas, before I begin painting, must be presented to God in prayer. I pray and listen to other artists that God has touched and blessed with the talent of worship music. Today, I wanted to share some of the songs that have helped me paint some of the art pieces you have seen thus far.


It Is Well - Bethel Music...Set My Love On You - Rick Pino...Spirit Break Out - Kim Walker-Smith...How I Love You - Rick Pino...Jesus You're Beautiful - Rick Pino...Thy Will - Hillary Scott...Holy - Matt Gilman...Worthy Of It All - Onething and David Brymer...There Is One Found Worthy - Onething and Justin Rizzo...All Is For Your Glory - Onething and Cory Asbury...Good Good Father - Chris Tomlin...For Your Glory - Free Worship and Calvin Nowell...Dove's Eyes - Rick Pino...In Your Presence - Jason Upton...Moving Forward - Free Chapel...Grace - Michael W. Smith


These are a few, and I'm always adding more. I believe with honoring God through praise and worship is always good and important. I truly feel blessed to have been given such a talent, but even more so to use that talent to worship God and for the art to carry a powerful message inside of it. A message that is important and powerful to each of us differently. So, as you view these pieces of art, allow them to connect deep inside you and see what God wants you to see. I know seeing these pieces of art in person is the best way for that to work, so look out for upcoming showings in various venues.


Thanks for your time and support!


God Bless! Richard Rice

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